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At ITEM, we like to share our knowledge and expertise with students. We offer our courses in the Eindhoven University of Technology's bachelor college program, the bachelor major program Industrial Engineering, and the master program Innovation Management. ITEM also hosts a yearly PhD course, called Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management. We thus disseminate our insights on several educational levels.

Throughout these programs, we combine an exciting variety of disciplines, from mathematics to psychology, and apply these to a wide range of domains, including new product development, sales and service management, technology entrepreneurship, and supply management. Successfully realizing new products, services and ventures in today's turbulent business environment often requires a detailed understanding of the intricate relationships between technology, customers, suppliers, competitors, and a firm's business strategy. We therefore believe that a person with a truly cross-disciplinary understanding of these elements holds the key to successful innovation.

In the Industrial Engineering bachelor program, students learn to critically observe, analyze and improve business processes. ITEM contributes to this program by offering courses on research methodology, organization strategy, consumer buying behavior, product innovation, and business process design. Furthermore, ITEM offers elective courses for students looking to specialize in designing and marketing new products, or in the identification and creation of new independent or corporate business initiatives. These topics are central to the USE programs New Product Development and Marketing and Technology Entrepreneurship. Which are amond the most popular USE programs of the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

The Innovation Management two-year master program teaches quantitative and qualitative theories, tools, and techniques to make businesses and entrepreneurs more innovative as well as more successful in their innovation activities. Innovation is essential for the competitive position of companies. Through the development of desirable new products and services, innovation helps to win new customers and strengthens the loyalty of existing ones.

For PhD candidates and students in an MPhil program, ITEM offers the Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management course. Course students develop an in-depth understanding of the key frameworks, concepts, models, and paradigms that collectively form the foundation for research in the field. The yearly organized one-week course features internationally renowned speakers, such as professor Scott Shane (Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland), professor Abbie Griffin (David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah) professor Anthony Di Benedetto (Temple University, Philadelphia), , and professor Chris Tucci (EPFL Lausanne).


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