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New Product Development

The ITEM group's research on new product development (NPD) focuses on means for measuring and improving the process of conceiving, designing, developing, and successfully bringing new products (i.e., goods and services) to market and managing the product post-launch. As such it addresses both the strategic planning and executional part of new product development and management in both established firms and new ventures. Topics of interest are, among others, intuitive decision making in the fuzzy front end of innovation, management control in open innovation projects, accelerated product development, portfolio decision making and learning in development projects. While the research covers the full range of new products and its underlying design, development, and commercialization processes in both established firms as well as new ventures, its primary focus lies on high-tech products.

While research on NPD is typically conducted using a particular academic lens (e.g., operations management, technology management, marketing, organizational behavior, strategic management), ITEM scholars use a multidisciplinary approach when examining new product development processes. Not surprisingly the NPD researchers from the ITEM group have published in both cross-disciplinary top journals such as Organization Science, Journal of International Business Research, and Journal of Management Studies and discipline-specific top journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, R&D Management, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. ITEM scholars are also involved in the editorial board of the Journal of Product Innovation Management and active in the Product Development Management Association (PDMA).

The NPD scholars received several research awards which also helped them obtain a number of funding grants from research foundations (e.g., FPIQM) and industry (e.g., ASML) to investigate contemporary NPD topics. The ITEM group's research also facilitates teaching the latest academic NPD insights to students in both the BSc, MSc, and PhD programs (e.g., the renowned TEIM PhD course) as well as to practitioners in one of our executive programs.

Research staff

FredLangerak TUe ITEM 8813 AlexAlblas TUe ITEM 3006 Eling NeomieRaassens TUe ITEM 9324  
Prof.dr. F. (Fred) Langerak
Dr. A.A. (Alex) Alblas
Dr. K. (Katrin) Eling
Dr. N. (Néomie) Raassens
ElkeDenOuden TUe ITEM 0713 JimmeKeizer TUe ITEM 0462 TUe ITEM 03 0795    
Dr. Ir. P.H. den Ouden
Dr. J.A. (Jimme) Keizer
Dr. S. (Sarah) Gelper


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Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

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