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Research Themes

In a marketplace where customers are more aware, active, and value-driven, firms must rapidly conceive and develop new products and services that meet customers' demands and values. As such, firms are urged to step up their business development by continuously re-examining established methods aimed to develop and bring new products and services to market. Emerging perspectives on new product and service development have changed the rules of the game. With the onset of open innovation, business development is no longer the exclusive playing ground of one single firm. Instead collaboration with external parties will be required to accelerate business development and keep pace with competitors. Moreover, technological developments in areas such as healthcare, ICT, and mobility require that firms re-examine and change their business models to successfully market their new products and services.

Against this background the research program of the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (ITEM) group focuses on means for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of new product and business development processes within firms. It entails all the strategic and operational activities involved in identifying and exploiting new business opportunities, including new product or service development, business model design and technology commercialization, and new product and service commercialization. To cover all these facets, the ITEM group focuses on three major research lines that together cover the whole new product and business development process:

  1. technology entrepreneurship and new business venturing,
  2. new product development and management, and
  3. new product marketing.


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