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Scan Proefschrift Freek

Challenges for innovation intermediaries in technology transfer:
forming controls and alliances
by Freek Meulman (2017)

Pages from Proefschrift TeamFlow JefvandenHout Team Flow: from concept to application
by Jef van den Hout (2016)


New channel introduction and customer touchpoint experience in a multichannel
by Jing Li (2015)


kaft theresia The determinants of innovative performance: a study of SME's in a developing country 
by Theresia Gunawan (2015)
 Regien Fostering innovation through contracting in inter-organizational relationships
by Regien Sumo (2014)

Collaboration and you: the performance implications and the antecedents of
diversity in inter-organizational relations portfolios
by Tim de Leeuw (2014)


In search of beauty: developing beautiful organizations
by Steven Adriaan de Groot (2014)

 Proefschrift-K.jpg Investigating two unresolved issues in fuzzy front end execution
by Katrin Eling (2014)
 proefschrift-G  Don't just fix it, make it better!: using frontline service employees to improve after-sales service 
 by Gielis van der Heijden (2013)
 Proefschrift-S.-Dolmans The people behind the technology: decision making in technology commercialization
 by Sharon Anna Maria Dolmans (2013)
 Proefschrift-L New product development: controlling collaboration
by Lydie Smets (2013)
 Proefschift-Y Entrepreneurship development in China: a multilevel approach
by Ying Zhang (2013)
 Proefschrift-D A perfect match : an empirical investigation into partner selection as an alliance capability 
by Daniëlle Henriette Leon Twardy-Duisters (2013)
Proefschrift E. Meijer

Team performance in R&D alliances: a micro-level perspective
by Elise Meijer (2013)


Proefschrift-N Value-based project management
by Nicoline Mulder (2012)
proefschrift-W Selling new products
by Michel van der Borgh (2012)
Proefschrift-B Exploitation and exploration dynamics in recessionary times
by Bob Walrave (2012)
proefschrift-R Strategic momentum in virtual R&D project teams: a complement to management 
by Raymond Julius Gerardus Opdenakker (2012)

Sourcing team success
by Boudewijn Driedonks (2011)


Brokerage in SME networks
by Yvonne Kirkels (2010)



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