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Ahrend approached the ITEM group and the Center for Sales Process Engineering ( to help with transitioning from product-oriented selling towards solutions based selling of products and services (i.e., servitization). Using a systematic, research based approach the sales force will be examined and helped along the transition. Part of the help will be in the form of master classes where the sales force is briefed about new concepts as servitization and contemporary insights from solution selling. In addition, longitudinal multi-source data (e.g., big data, surveys, observations) will be collected and analyzed. This will provide involved parties with crucial information on how to manage the change. The project also serves as a reference case for how companies successfully can transfer from a product-oriented way of working towards a more holistic, solution-oriented way of working where products and services are produced and sold using different business models.


Time Frame project: 

March 2017- December 2017

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Dr. Michel van der Borgh


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