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H2020 Roadmaps for Energy

H2020 R4E – Roadmaps for Energy

Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) is an EU funded project under the Horizon 2020 program focuses on developing vision creation and roadmapping capacities within the municipalities to initiate joint activities to spur development and implementation of innovative energy solutions in the eight partner cities. R4E focuses on three areas within the domain of sustainable energy that are closely linked to the municipalities main responsibilities: Smart Buildings, Smart Mobility and Smart Urban Spaces. We are responsible for the development of the Smart Mobility Roadmap. For this purpose a desk study is conducted, as well as 25 interviews with thought leaders in the domain of smart mobility. The result is a general roadmap for smart mobility that will be used in workshops with the partner cities to create city-specific roadmaps with local stakeholders and companies.

Time Frame project:

March 2015 - February 2018

Type of funding:


Project leader 

ElkeDenOuden TUe ITEM 0713 BobWalrave TUe ITEM 0869
Dr. Ir. P.H. den Ouden
Dr. B. Walrave


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Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

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