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Synergies in Sustainable Space and Energy (NSO, ESA)

Synergies in sustainable Space and Energy (NSO, ESA)

Our society’s grand challenges require the space sector to focus on sustainable innovation and successful technology commercialization. An important way to address these challenges is by exploring and exploiting synergies with other sectors. Commercializing space technology (here: satellite data) through applications within the energy sector offers many high-potential opportunities worth exploring (e.g. determining the effects of energy use on the environment or monitoring atmospheric gasses). Moreover, current and future needs in the energy sector may require the development of new instruments and infrastructures to obtain novel types and uses of satellite data.

This project therefore aims at investigating synergies in space and energy by exploring the commercialization of satellite data through applications within the energy sector. In particular, the project sets out to explore the processes of identifying relevant partners from other sectors and initiating collaboration. In this context, the project also involves exploring the organization of cross-sector partnerships through private and public organizations. Ultimately, the project serves to inform and inspire national (NSO) and international (ESA and EU) policy on space and energy by demonstrating the forms and added value of exploring and exploiting synergies between these sectors.

Time Frame project:

October 2015 - Augustus 2019

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Project leader 

 SharonDolmans TUe ITEM 9234
Dr. S.A.M. Dolmans


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Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

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