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Philips: Innovation in smart lighting and smart cities

Light is often not consciously acknowledged, but more or less taken for granted and only noticed in its absence. However, it can be used in lots of different settings, contributing to ambiance, safety and attention. The introduction of LED technology, integration in smart sensor networks and the availability of open data have changed the meaning of lighting, leading to the creation of new opportunities for outdoor lighting as well as cities, which focus on safety, economic growth as well as experience and atmosphere. These opportunities have facilitated the development of smart city concepts, which are currently being explored at Philips Research. The emergence of smart cities has brought a lot of questions and issues with it. In this project we are searching for new business model(s) and value network(s) that match desired developments.

Time Frame project:

November 2014 - October 2017

Project leader

ElkeDenOuden TUe ITEM 0713

Dr. Ir. P.H. den Ouden


Visiting address secretarial office
Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

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