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This project is, among others, directed toward the development of roadmaps for smart mobility, which will result in important, first-hand insights for Heijmans. By serving as a project partner, Heijmans can engage in deeper discussions regarding the visions and development of roadmaps. In addition, Heijmans will be in an excellent position to learn and lever opportunities created by ITEM partners involved. The project also creates a platform for Heijmans to engage potential partners early on in product development phases to facilitate new business development activities. For instance, by inducing commitment, through ecosystem orchestration, regarding test case infrastructures and environments—related to the identified business opportunities/roadmap.

Time Frame project:

January 2016 - December 2019

Project leader and  project participants

ElkeDenOuden TUe ITEM 0713 SharonDolmans TUe ITEM 9234 BobWalrave TUe ITEM 0869

Dr. Ir. P.H. den Ouden

Dr. S.A.M. Dolmans

Dr. B.Walrave



Visiting address secretarial office
Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

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