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STW Study: Perspectives on technology commercialization

STW: Perspectives on technology commercialization

This project is commissioned by Stichting Technologie en Wetenschap (STW) and concerns perspectives on technology commercialization. By conducting interviews we identified various divergent perspectives on inter-institutional collaboration between STW, technology transfer offices, universities and high tech companies in the Netherlands. 

By organizing a network meeting with technology commercialization professionals of among others STW, TU/e, TUDelft, Philips and NXP to present the initial results, we generated several initiatives to stimulate the technology commercialization processes in the Dutch ecosystem and to facilitate and improve collaboration between all stakeholders.

Time Frame project:

June 2012 - January 2014


Project leader and project participants

SharonDolmans TUe ITEM 9234 IsabelleReymen TUe ITEM 0521 FredLangerak TUe ITEM 8813

Dr. S.A.M. Dolmans               

Prof. dr. ir. I.M.M.J. Reymen  

Prof. dr. F. Langerak



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