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Where Does the Money Go?

Where Does the Money Go? Digital Business Model Innovations in Mobile Apps

The apps market is growing at an unprecedented pace: consider the advent of the Apple App Store that contained 500 apps during its introduction in 2008 compared to over one million available apps in 2013. Coincidental to its growth, the market boosted development of such business models as freemium and information-to-service. These models are located on the interplay between free and paid information and services, and use the data delivered by their users to generate and eventually appropriate the added value. The question of value appropriation, although essential for any viable business, can be quite sensitive. Building on recent advances in big data, this project seeks to exploit the large quantity of publicly available data from app stores to derive both short and long-term performance implications of different business and revenue-generating models across Apple and Google mobile platforms. The project is conducted in collaboration with the Data Science Center Eindhoven and Adversitement.

Time Frame project: 

1 January 2014 - 31 December 2017

Type of funding: 

University-level grant and companies co-funding

Project leader and project participants:

FredLangerak TUe ITEM 8813 KseniaPodoynitsyna TUe ITEM 0787 JoeyVanAngeren TUe ITEM 9105
Prof. Dr. F. (Fred) Langerak
Dr. K.S. (Ksenia) Podoynitsyna
J. (Joey) van Angeren MSc


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