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MA: Exploitation of robotic products and services

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Level: University
Area: Business Administration
Name: Exploitation of robotic products and services

European manufacturing industry faces increasing product variances as a consequence of frequent innovation, short product life cycles and small series production. At the same time, production cost must be continuously reduced.

Therefore, agile, transformable and reusable automation and robotics is a key enabler to manage those trends. However, few robotic components are designed for easy adaptation and reuse. To overcome those shortcomings, the European R5-COP project [1] focuses on agile manufacturing paradigms, specifically on modular robotic systems. R5-COP aims to develop existing and new methods that will support model based design, engineering, validation and fast commissioning. By using existing interface and middle-ware standards such as ROS (Robot Operating System) [2], R5-COP will strongly facilitate integration of components from various suppliers.

Using a modular approach will not only be more flexible than state-of-the-art solutions, but will also reduce design, setup and maintenance costs.

Research areas:
Within industry, companies developing robotic products and providing services, are facing problems exploiting their new (incremental) solutions in a rigid market with huge needs for revolutions. Therefore research on the different aspects of exploiting new flexible robotic applications in existing markets with new needs is required.

Research questions:

  • Investigate the exploitation foundation in terms of user needs, market analysis and business models aimed at developing the exploitation strategy and preparing the exploitable outcomes for market introduction
  • The identification of key issues of robotics exploitation
  • The identification of gaps in proposed solutions
  • Collecting input from several industrial partners (international) concerning problems faced when exploiting robotic products and services
  • Investigate how new solutions could help overcome these difficulties
  • Identification of the best methods of exploitation

[1] "R5 -COP [Online] Available
[2] "ROS" [Online] Available

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