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MA: Wind turbine blade Internships and Thesis projects in Mexico

Research projects at CIATEQ

CIATEQ requests MSc students for perform an Internship and Thesis Project in research topics related to the development small wind turbines, within the CEMIE-Wind Project.

The Internship and Thesis Project will be done Querétaro, QRO, Mexico.

The length of the Internship is 3 months.

The length of the Internship and Thesis Project is 6 months.

Internship and Thesis Project beginning on:

February 16, 2015.

The research topics are described below.

Research topics Project P07.

Research topics Project P09.

Monthly financial support: $6,070 MXP

General information and contact:

Alejandro González Canales

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +52 (442) 196 1500 ext. 4235


CIATEQ is a research centre in Mexico, part of the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT), specialized in advanced manufacturing.

The Wind Turbine Group is part of the Turbomachinery Unit, belonging to the Mechanical Systems Department of CIATEQ. This group performs research, development and innovation (RD+i) of cutting edge technology for boosting equipment, component and turbine manufacturers; and specialized service providers of the Wind Industry in Mexico.

The Wind Turbine Group has four main research topics:

1) Development of small wind turbines (with a rotor diameter ≤ 200 m2, up to ≈ 50 kW), including components and/or the whole machine.

2) Development of advanced manufacturing technology for wind turbine blades and rotors.

3) Testing of small wind turbine blades and power trains.

4) Advanced inspection and minor repairs of composite wind turbine blades.

 The Mexican Wind Energy Innovation Centre (Centro Mexicano de Innovación en Energía Eólica, CEMIE-Eólico) is a consotium formed for research, development and innovation of wind energy in Mexico

CIATEQ participates in two strategic projects within the
Project P07 “Integration and consolidation of national capacities for the development of small wind turbines, though the design, construction and exhaustive testing of a 30 kW capacity wind turbine” which general objective is to perform the technological development (including design, prototyte manufacturring, testing and technology transfer) of a 30 kW wind turbine through synercy among national institutions.
Project P09 “Small wind turbine (up to 50 kW) blade development” which general objective is to perfom the technological development, manufacturing and mechanical testing of small wind turbine blades, one for a 10 kW machine and another for a 30 kW machine.




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