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BEP/MA: "What are viable business models in a ‘internet of things’ world and what are go-to-market strategies for them?"





Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Dennis Michiels and I am working for BearingPoint, a consultancy based in Amsterdam. We are a European firm with multiple offices, consisting of 130 partners and 3500 employees. More information can be found on

The Dutch practice is focussed on the telecom and utilities market. We notice that within these markets, technologies are converging which is creating many opportunities to conduct business in a new way. One of the topics is 'internet of things': a world where multiple devices are connected with each other and in turn are connected to smart infrastructures like smart grids, smart homes, smart cars, smart city lights, smart water/gas/electricity meters etc. Multiple companies see the opportunity but they realise that they can not spur developments on their own so partnerships and alliances are formed.

Our firm is already involved with multiple companies and local governments to understand this development and shape and develop the neccessary eco-system. These kinds of developments usually consists of a technology component and a business component. We notice that our firms tend to look at the technology component. As a result, we have a knowledge gap firstly regarding viable innovative business models that can be applied in a 'internet of things' world. Secondly, we lack knowledge/experience how to mobilize several stakeholders (tech companies, local & central government, universities, etc) to shape a particular eco-system given a set of defined business models. Our key question for the time being is stated as follows:

"What are viable business models in a 'internet of things' world and what are go-to-market strategies for them?"

This key question needs to be shaped (academically) and scoped towards a set of sub questions. But this is something we would like to do together with a graduate student, and have this person on board at the company for some months to do the research and hopefully provide answers to the questions.

Required knowledge areas:

• Business models / canvas model

• Dynamics of converging industries that leads to new products and services

• Development, marketing of eco-systems and funding mechanisms with involvement from both commercial and government parties

• ...

I hope that the provided background is sufficient for you to assess the opportunities for working together. Please let me know about the next steps if you have interest in this assignment. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Dennis Michiels

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