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Paper by Ntorina Antoni accepted in Acta Astronautica

The paper ‘Re-affirming Europe's ambitions in space: Past, present and future perspectives’ by Ntorina Antoni, Maarten Adriaensen, Angeliki Papadimitriou, Christina Giannopapa and Kai-Uwe Schrogla has been accepted for publication in Acta Astronautica.

The paper provides an overview of the past, present and future perspectives of space policy developments in Europe. In the past decade, the EU enlargement has been subjected to various crises that threaten the European integration project. At the same time, the space sector is changing rapidly. In response to these challenges, on 26 October 2016, the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) signed a Joint Statement on “Shared Vision and Goals for the Future of Europe in Space”, demonstrating their commitment to further strengthening their cooperation on space. The common European vision is that Europe remains a world-class actor in space and a partner of choice on the global level. The shared vision and goals of the Joint Statement are reflected in the European Commission Communication on its “Space Strategy for Europe”. ESA subsequently adopted on 2 December 2016 the Resolution “Towards Space 4.0 for a United Space in Europe”. In light of these space policy developments, the future creation of an all-encompassing European Space Strategy can underpin the future of Europe in space and beyond. Such strategy shall seek to address Europe's particularities, needs and responsibilities and ultimately reinforce European integration.



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