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Paper by Sjoerd Romme & Isabelle Reymen accepted in Journal of Business Venturing Insights

​​The paper 'Entrepreneurship at the interface of design and science: Toward an inclusive framework' by Sjoerd Romme and Isabelle Reymen has been accepted for publication in Journal of Business Venturing Insights.

​Entrepreneurship scholars are increasingly interested in conducting work at the interface of design and science. However, a consistent methodological framework for this type of work is missing. In this paper, we therefore develop such a framework. First, three examples of entrepreneurship scholarship at the design-science interface are outlined. From these examples, we infer two key characteristics of design science (DS). For one, research outputs not only include theoretical constructs and models, but also values, principles and practices. In addition, creative design and scientific validation are complementary and equivalent research activities in DS. Whereas design and validation are legitimate research approaches in their own right, we conclude that the interaction between the two can drive the continual renewal of the entrepreneurship field and unlock the potential of an inclusive body of knowledge that is both rigorous and relevant.



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