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Paper by Sjoerd Romme published in EMR

The paper 'Toward the Blueprint of Campus-Based Ecosystems for Innovation' written by Georges (Sjoerd) Romme has been published in Engineering Management Research.


The “science park” model has long been showing signs of aging, with many science parks now facing budget cuts by local and regional governments. In this study, we dissect the blueprint of a highly successful campus-based ecosystem, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE). As an innovation ecosystem, the HTCE provides its residents (a) access to shared resources and facilities, to facilitate research and product development, and (b) an innovation community that enhances knowledge sharing between people at the campus. The success of the HTCE arises from a deep and inclusive understanding of the conditions in which an ecosystem for research and development can thrive, and the commitment to carefully grow and sustain these conditions. These conditions include: low physical distances between the various buildings, offices and shared facilities; a dynamic portfolio of thematic workshops and meetings stimulate knowledge sharing and informal networking; careful management of the diversity and reputation of the campus; attracting and hosting “connectors” that have the capability to initiate and/or manage collaboration across a newly emerging value chain; and a high level of responsiveness to requests and feedback of residents.




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