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Technology Entrepreneurship and New Venturing

he research on technology entrepreneurship and new venturing focusses on means and measures for improving the quality and quantity of entrepreneurial efforts along four main research themes:
  1. Technology commercialization, incubators, and university knowledge transfer;
  2. Managing alliances and ecosystems as part of (open) innovation;
  3. Business model innovation, and;
  4. Decision making in new business development (e.g., effectuation and emotions).

These four themes include dozens of projects involving both qualitative and quantitative methods such as case studies, lab experiments, surveys, system dynamics simulations, and panel data analyses. The group has built a substantial expertise on sustainable energy and big data through projects dealing with technologies such as solar PV, wind energy, and ICT/apps.

Technology entrepreneurship scholars from the ITEM group have published in both top-tier cross-disciplinary journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Research Policy and Organization Studies and discipline-specific top journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Product Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. They are also involved in the editorial board of journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management and the Journal of Organization Design as well as the Research Committee of the Entrepreneurship Division of the AOM.

The ITEM technology entrepreneurship scholars received numerous best paper and dissertation awards. This research quality also helped them obtain a variety of European (e.g., FP7) and national funding (e.g., NWO) grants for research, teaching, and consulting - fueling the intensive growth of the research in the recent years.

In addition to conducting excellent research, the group aims to raise a new generation of researchers by hosting two top-level PhD-courses: "Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management" (TEIM) and "Innovation Camp", in collaboration with world-known entrepreneurship and innovation scholars such as Prof. Scott Shane, Prof. Anthony di Benedetto, Prof. Christopher Tucci, and Prof. Abbie Griffin.

Research staff

SjoerdRomme TUe ITEM 0659 IsabelleReymen TUe ITEM 0521 SharonDolmans TUe ITEM 9234 KseniaPodoynitsyna TUe ITEM 0787  
Prof. dr. A.G.L. (Sjoerd) Romme
Prof. dr. ir. I.M.M.J. (Isabelle) Reymen
Dr. S.A.M. (Sharon) Dolmans
Dr. K.S. (Ksenia) Podoynitsyna
BobWalrave TUe ITEM 0869
Dr. ir. B. (Bob) Walrave
Dr. M.M.A.H. (Myriam) Cloodt
Dr. A.S.A. (Annelies) Bobelyn
ITEM BoukjeHuijben 3342 klein ITEM DuyguKeskin 3570 klein Anneleen van Boxstael Copy  
Dr. J.C.C.M. (Boukje) Huijben
Dr. D. (Duygu) Keskin
Dr. A. (Anneleen) Van Boxstael


Visiting address secretarial office
Frederieke Baas-Kappe (secretary)
Bianca van Broeckhoven (secretary)
Freke Sens (secretary)

De Zaale
Atlas, 6th floor room 6.401

Postal Address
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 40 247 2170